I love this stuff #2.

  • I just finished reading "Six of Crows" and it's one of the best books I've ever read.
  • Yoga with Adriene follows the Yoga Revolution challenge from last year with Yoga True, a wonderful gateway to strengthen your yoga practice, check in with yourself and have a little fun on the mat.
  • CodeWars, for getting better at logic and algorithms.
  • I've found it very helpful to create a pre-workout routine for myself, where I mentally prepare and get hyped before I go to the gym. Mine consists of writing (by hand) my exercises, sets and reps, taking my pre-workout supplements, thinking through my goals and my intentions.
  • Kids seeing themselves as heroes and recreating the Black Panther movie posters is everything. Representation matter. Photographed by Asiko.
  • "Capitalizing on the self-care movement" is a short, good read from The Strand on a subject I find very important.
  • You can follow the progression of daylight and spring slowly approaching here.
  • The greenhouse in the university garden here in Bergen (pictured).

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Sparks // waves.

In order to find some kind of coding spark again, I spent Friday night toying around with Nuxt.js and tested out some graphics and animations in CSS. It's been months since I had an evening where I just have sandbox fun with new frameworks and libraries and bite-sized projects. And even though I have the little voice in the back of my head yelling at me for not working with ~real math~ and logics (as I talked about here), it's sessions like this where I learn and grow the most.

See the Pen Waves by Helene Konstantine Dunlop (@ljonjivita) on CodePen.

And it's evening like this that made me fall in love with coding in the first place. 
So I made some slow and steady waves of motivation. And a pulsating greeting.

An ode to my winter heart.

[sharp inhale] I don't know, friends. It felt like January lasted for three months. My hands are stained green with chlorophyll, compensating for the lack of colour outside, inside, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. When I'm stuck mentally I move physically; so I move .. a lot. I'm homesick and want to travel, restless and tired. And still, it's all good. I try to keep the perspective I've gathered from the last winters and the depression that followed me for years. I strive to shape my body and mind as an ode to my winter heart. It's a bad week, not a bad life.

Really, it's not necessarily even bad.
Growth has never been comfortable.


And all the teachers in disguise.


Mindless rambles: It's 21:30 on a Tuesday and I've become aware of how much my writing has changed during the recent years. How I've gone from writing about me – the subject – and my experience, to things – the objects – and concepts. It's easier in a lot of ways: It feels less vulnerable, less scary, and less personal. 

And less vulnerable, less scary and less personal is an easy path to follow when you stop paying attention. It shows in my writing and it shows in my conversations with other people. It's easier to say "x is wrong because of y" instead of "x makes me feel scared". It's more comfortable to say "z is a lazy person" instead of "z makes me feel frustrated because I don't always feel heard". And so on. But easy ≠ constructive and healthy. I think I all over feel more disconnected from both my own creativity and others because of it.

Vulnerability, guys. ✌🏻 Es muchos importante (← and guess who's on level five on Duolingo's Spanish course? Such a good millennial.) I'm trying to get better at communicating how I feel (and why). I find it o, so hard, but I'm trying.

2017 → 2018.

It's that time of the year and time for clichés. I love the symbology of a new year: to take a break and review the year that was, check in and reflect on where you are and where you want to be. To be proud, to feel grief. Whatever feelings you may have neglected or forgot to feel. We can do that now, and then . •*´`*•☆             let go.

I'm very proud of the person I became in 2017. Of the choices, focus and effort I made. How much I stood up for myself. Kept on pushing. I've been vulnerable and uncomfortable, loving and grateful, fighting and panicked. : The whole spectrum, present in a year. The spiral continues.

2017: Thank you. You've been .. a ride.

In 2018 I will work on:

  1. Becoming a better programmer
  2. My creativity: drawing, writing, photography, sharing
  3. Taking up more space and respecting my own boundaries
  4. Physical strength, focusing on big lifts and flexibility
  5. Getting rid of my FOMO 
  6. Kick plastic from more parts of my life
  7. Being a better friend and partner, clearer in how I communicate and more present
  8. The parts of my mind I find the most uncomfortable and the most resistance
  9. What I find empowering when it comes to (my) femininity and sexuality
  10. Spreading love. Always love. If you can't love it, let it go. Poof. Away.

To sum it up: To be more, not less. Yes! (← Getting excited here) Let 2018 be the year where you become more of you. Let's do that shit together.

❤  Happy holidays and new year. I hope you're kind to yourself this season.


And, for the especially interested, my wins of 2017:

  1. I finished five(!) years of studies
  2. And moved in with V
  3. Got a programming intership
  4. Got a programming job
  5. Traveled in Malawi
  6. Hit some sweet PRs in the gym
  7. Got to a good place mentally for the first time since my mid-teenage years
  8. Found more self-love
  9. Got my best friend back
  10. And all the moments of bravery in everyday life. I salute you.